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Zero Tolerance Policy

Zero Tolerance Policy

Little Athletics Queensland (LAQ) recognises the importance of providing a safe and enjoyable environment for all those who participate in Little Athletics. LAQ seeks to eliminate all forms of unsportsmanlike behaviour, and has developed this policy to clearly outline the processes and penalties to be applied. It is recommended that this policy be adopted by all Affiliated Centres to ensure a common acceptable standard of behaviour, processes and penalties. The penalties associated with this policy are presented as guidelines for Centres to follow. Penalties may change and/or categories added at the discretion of the LAQ Board.


A registered athlete, an official, an assistant, or any spectator will not indulge in any unsportsmanlike
behaviour towards another participant, official, volunteer, or spectator involved in a recognised Little Athletics activity and will adhere to the relevant Codes of Conduct.

Catergories of Offence and Penalty

Unsportsmanlike behaviour has been broken up into a number of categories of violation to determine the
most appropriate penalty to be applied for breaches to this policy. These penalties may change from time
to time. Applicable penalties for each category of offence are shown below:

These categories are: